A Thousand Plateaus Pt. 6

A Thousand Plateaus Pt. 5

Inner Experience

A Thousand Plateaus Pt. 4

A Thousand Plateaus Pt. 3

A Thousand Plateaus Pt. 2

A Thousand Plateaus Pt. 1

Atassa 1: Readings In Eco-extremism

Civilization & Its Discontents


Subcultures Series

Queer Phenomenology

Our Friends Pt. 1

The Need For Roots

The Three Ecologies

Difference & Repetition

Bataille Picnic

The Disappearance of Rituals

Intro to Bataille

Discourse With The Girlies

An Introduction to Dialectics

Doomer Series

Forms of Life

Intro to Freud

Black Girl

Sorry to Bother You & Arrival

Capital is Dead: Is This Something Worse?

Countersexual Manifesto

Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next)

Psychopolitics: Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power

Machines Seeking Connections Residency

The Young Karl Marx

Theory of Bloom

Born In Flames

Liquid Sky


Gilles Deleuze

The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1

Postscript on the Societies of Control

Industrial Society and Its Future: Unabomber Manifesto

An Introduction to Hegel: Freedom, Truth and History

The Cybernetic Hypothesis

Enjoying It: Candy Crush and Capitalism

Capitalist Realism

The Birth of the Clinic

Madness & Civilization